“What are my rights when I buy a service?”

If you ask a trader to carry out a service for you (such as: paint the windows on your house, cut your hair, repair a car or washing machine) they must carry out the service:

What if the trader I asked to carry out the service gives the work to someone else to do and they do not carry it out satisfactorily?

The trader you originally asked to do the work is responsible, whether they did the work or someone else did it for them.

What should I do to get my money back, get a replacement or ask for compensation?

If the trader does not carry out the work:

You should:

If you are unhappy with the answer or they do not reply:

REMEMBER Traders must carry out services with reasonable care and skill, within a reasonable time and for a reasonable charge. If not, you are normally entitled to a refund, repair or compensation.