“What rights do I have when I buy goods from home?”

Buying from a salesperson

When you buy goods from a salesperson who has called at your home you are, in certain circumstances, able to cancel the order if you change your mind. So, for instance, if you purchase double-glazing or a new bed from someone who has called at your home you can cancel the order, normally within seven days after you have signed the agreement. This ability to cancel an order applies to‘cold callers’

.A cold caller is:

It also applies where the trader makes an appointment following an unrequested telephone call to you. However you cannot cancel the order if:

When you sign an agreement at home the salesperson should give you a notice of your cancellation rights. If they do not do so this is a criminal offence.

Can I change my mind and cancel the order?

You have rights under the Consumer Credit Act and the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Contracts Concluded Away From Business Premises Amendment Act) Regulations 1998 for orders paid by cash and credit. In most circumstances you can cancel an order in the‘cooling off’ period. This is normally seven days after you have signed the agreement if you pay in cash. If you pay by credit you have a further five days after you receive the signed agreement from the Finance company.

What should I do if I change my mind and want to cancel the order?

If you want to cancel you should normally:

REMEMBER If you buy goods from ‘cold callers’ you have the right to cancel the order. You have a ‘cooling off’period during which you can cancel an order. Write to the trader within the specified time and let them know you wish to cancel. You may have further rights if you arranged credit with a finance company. For further advice contact Consumer Direct or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.