“What points should I consider before shopping on the internet?”

If you have access to the internet there are many more opportunities for you to buy goods and services from all over the world. This can be a very convenient way of shopping. It enables you to compare goods and prices from the comfort of your home. If you are purchasing goods or services from a company based in the UK, you have the same rights as if you bought from a shop in the high street.You may also have rights if you buy from overseas companies but these may be more difficult to claim.

The following points may help you if you are considering shopping on the internet:

If you decide to make an order, be careful about giving your credit or debit card details on the internet. Find out what protection the company has put in place to safeguard your details.

Read carefully and print out any order you are making together with any terms and conditions the web site may have.

In certain circumstances you are entitled to a ‘cooling off’ period when you can cancel the order. (You may find factsheet 4 on ‘What rights do I have when I buy goods or services by telephone, post or on the internet?’ helpful).

REMEMBER Be careful about giving information about your credit or debit card on the internet. Check for hidden costs. Check what rights you may have if buying from abroad.