“What points should I consider before applying for a homeworking scheme?”

There seem to be many advertisements for schemes that promise attractive rates of pay for working from home. For many people this may seem a good way to earn money without having to leave their home. However, the advertisements are not always what they seem. Some people find they do not get the sort of money that the advertisement promised. In some cases, the company sends them goods to use or sell and they end up owing the company money for them.

The most common types of homeworking schemes available are:

Envelope Schemes

Assembly Work Schemes

The following points may be of help if you are considering applying for a homeworking scheme you see advertised

If an advertisement sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Is there anything else I can do before applying to join a scheme?

REMEMBER Check whether there are any registration fees to pay. Check what you will be actually making or selling. Be clear about how much money you will receive and when you might not be paid. Check what costs you will have to pay, for example postage, buying kits to assemble. If the scheme seems too good to be true then it probably is. Take advice from Consumer Direct or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.