This toolkit is an overview of your rights and has been produced by the East Sussex Trading Standards Service . Each factsheet tells you about your legal rights and what the law says traders must do. It provides a first point of reference. The Toolkit contains 16 factsheets providing information about: what your rights are when buying goods and services; how to make a complaint (including sample letters); points to consider as a consumer; and where to go for advice.


We expect a fair deal when we buy goods or services.The law says that’s what traders should give us. But it doesn’t always happen and, if people are not fully aware of their consumer rights they are more likely to get 'ripped off' or exploited. We can all experience difficulties when trying to stand up for our rights but some people in our community have more difficulty than others – for example, those whose first language is not English. Unscrupulous traders may target younger or older consumers and people with disabilities who may need more time and support to make a complaint.

Purpose of the Toolkit.

This Toolkit will provide basic information about consumer rights and where to seek further help and assistance in making a complaint about a trader.

How to use the Toolkit

The Toolkit provides information on a range of consumer rights in a general way. It gives basic information on what your consumer rights are in a variety of situations and how you can complain if there is a problem about goods or services you have bought. A dissatisfied consumer can read the factsheets to help them decide on the next course of action. We do not intend this to be a comprehensive guide to consumer rights. You should refer your queries to Consumer Direct or Citizens Advice Bureau, particularly where large sums of money are involved.