The Priory Ticehurst House
Ticehurst, East Sussex TN5 7HU 
Telephone: 01580 200 391 
Fax: 01580 201 006

The Priory Ticehurst House is an independent hospital, which specialises in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Founded over 215 years ago by Dr Samuel Newington, the hospital stands in 47 acres of extensive grounds, providing a calming therapeutic environment for our patients. Our reputation for conventional and progressive psychological care has won the hospital wide recognition for our services. Our specialist services include inpatient, out-patient and day therapy facilities for general adult psychiatry, including addiction treatment and trauma services.  We also provide an adolescent service, which includes a specialist service for adolescents with self-destructive and high risk behaviours.  The Priory Grange Ticehurst House, which stands in the grounds of the hospital, provides a slow stream rehabilitation service for adults with enduring mental health issues.  For further information please download the hospital brochure below or visit the hospital website or download the hospital history here.

The Priory Ticehurst House is part of the Priory Group, which is one of Europe’s largest providers of specialist care.  The group comprises of 14 independent psychiatric hospitals, 23 specialist schools, 4 secure units and 6 Grange units.  For further information about the group please visit our website.
The hospital employs 116 members of staff, 36% of which are employed from the local area.  If you would like further information about job opportunities at the hospital please look in the job section of this website, contact the hospital via e-mail or telephone 01580 201 006.

For further information about the hospital and job vacancies please e-mail us.

Key Personnel:
Hospital Director:  Miriam Parker
Medical Director:    Dr Paul McLaren, Consultant Psychiatrist 
Clinical Services Manager:   Julia Howe
Support Services Manager:  Mike Pamphilon 
Therapy Services Manager:  Sally Sedgwick  

Upcoming events at the hospital:   
18th July, Ticehurst Ten Coffee Morning at
The Priory Ticehurst House

The hospital will be hosting a coffee morning at the hospital for all the villagers as part of the Ticehurst Ten week between 10:30 and 12:00.  An exhibition of hospital documents and pictures will be available to peruse as well as handicrafts made by the adolescents at the hospital.  All proceeds will go towards the Church extension.

Download the hospital brochure here

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