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The 15th Annual Art Show


Friday 2 Sept - Sunday 11 Sept


Children viewing the September Exhibition

The September Art Exhibition, aside from turning fifteen years old this September, has much to celebrate.
Established in 1997 it is one of the first independent art fairs in the South East.  From the beginning it has attracted artists of a high standard - many of whom have launched successful careers from the show.  The tough selection process together with the rule that an exhibiting artist can only show for two consecutive years means the show is always different, fresh and exciting.
Our popular “Meet the Artists” event will take place on Sunday 4th from 12:00 - 16:00.  Many of this year’s artists will be working live in the hall, demonstrating their techniqueand will be on hand to talk about their work.  This is a great opportunity to meet your favourite artist and maybe pick up some tips.  All welcome.
The September Art Exhibition’s founder, Valerie Brinton, introduced the ethos of ‘giving somethingback’ to the village she had adopted as home after many years abroad, mainly in India where she and her late Husband, Richard, lived and worked.  This year’s winner is Sally Payne, a mature student, currently studying for her BA in Fine Art at K College, Tonbridge.
To this day the exhibition remains free to enter.  A friendly, professional atmosphere, visitors come again and again - exhibiting artists are encouraged to attend the show as much as possible.
Local schools are invited to have tours of the artworks with participating artists and a selection of Uplands Community Colleges ‘A’ level students are chosen to exhibit their works alongside the professionals.  The Show also offers a free place to an ‘exceptional art student’ this is done in the form of a bursary in honour of the now retired founder; Valerie Brinton.
This year there will be an award to commemorate the life of one of the longest serving members of the organising committee who recently died;‘The Sylvia Tiffin Award for Creativity and Imagination’ was created especially for this occasion and will be awarded for the first time this year.
Also for the first time this year the exhibition is proud to be linking with ‘The Trust for Chernobyl Children’ – our first joint venture together is a postcard (silent bids) auction featuring the work ofthis years selected artists plus many specially invited for the occasion.  The auction has been organised by Yvonne Burdge MBE who founded the charity - it will run in the meeting rooms next to the Commemoration Hall for the duration of the exhibition (2-11 September 2011).
Another exciting innovation this year is the addition of a ‘guest artist’ – we have invited an artist whose work we feel will add something special, some extra spice to the look of this year’s  exhibition.  Our first invited artist is Genie Cutts an abstract sculptor, whose outstanding pieces the committee felt would add significantly to the mix of this year’s show.

If you’ve never been to The September Art Exhibition before why not visit the website: and get a taster of this year’s show before you come!