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We can restore most damage to photos to near original quality, results are dependent upon the quality and size of the original and the amount of damage. We can repair fading, scratches, creases, stains and even pen marks. We can take an ordinary photo and make it look like a studio glamour photo or just take a few years off. Badly under or over exposed photos can be retouched to bring out details. Remove spots and wrinkles, even lose a few pounds (lbs).

Teckform can take your own printed or digital photos negatives or transparencies and enhance them or make a variety of changes to them. Adding tints of colour to black and white photos, making colour photos look like old black and white or sepia photos, removing scratches and other unwanted marks. We can remove unwanted people or objects, add people or objects, change the background, even make it look as if the sun was shining on a dull day. We can make your photo, negative or transparency look like a work of art styles include oil paint, acrylic, pastel, water colour, pencil sketch and charcoal