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When the spring sunshine is wanning the soil after rain, an almost imperceptible steam is rising from the ground, one can almost hear the sap rising in the plants around, birds appear to be singing in every hedgerow and bush, the scent of bluebells and apple blossom is heavy in the air, new colours are appearing and then changing every hour as the leaves burst out in the woodland. One can reflect how lucky we are to be alive, to live in the countryside ,to live where each season has its own joys that are totally different from those of the season that precedes it and different again from those that are to follow. Let us enjoy to the full the joy of the moment and look forward with anticipation to the novelties and excitements of the next.

Picking your own

How sad it is then that the urban drift towards uniformity should steadily erode the links that the population has to the natural seasons. It seems that seasons are more to do with football, cricket and Christmas festivities or other marketing opportunities than with the natural cycles of the year.

On going in to an urban supermarket you can find Brussels sprouts in June and strawberries in January, chrysanthemums in May and daffodils in November. What has become of the joys of anticipation ? and the mild regret that the season is over and we must wait for another year for the natural cycle to come round again ? When indulgence is available all the time it loses its attraction." Oh God not champagne and caviare AGAIN"

At MAYNARDS we thrive on seasonally and try to produce the best flavoured varieties of FRUIT during its natural season when it is at its very best. A Ticehurst summer would not be the same without it.

As soon as the season commences you will be welcome to pay a visit to our very beautiful farm to select and pick your own fruit ,getting the best from true seasonally.

Strawberries, Gooseberries
Strawberries Raspberries Cherries, Loganberries, Redcurrants, Blackcurrants, Blackberries
Raspberries, Cherries, Blackcurrants, Blackberries, Plums, Apple
Plums , Apples, Damsons, Cobnuts, Raspberries, Blackberries, Quinces