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Village Food Activities
Tuesday 17 April  Ticehurst Village Hall   17:00 - 18:45


Come and find out more about the Village Food Activities project which  encourages people of all ages to enjoy good food – cooking it, growing it and most importantly eating it – and especially food produced in and around their local area.

We know that the way we produce and distribute food around the world at the moment has damaging impacts and can’t be sustained. We also know that lots of people suffer ill health because of what they eat.
Changes will have to happen at some stage and this project has resources and funding to support moves in that direction at the village level.

In the Ticehurst, Flimwell and Stonegate area we have so far helped with funding and advice:

Stonegate School Local Produce Feast – cookery tutors and ingredients


Ticehurst Allotments Association - shared cold frames and vegetable – growing tuition
Kids kookingTicehurst After School Club - Pumpkin Soup cookery session

Flimwell Village Trust - Apple Day Celebration
Stonegate Farmers’ Market – publicity postcards Stonegate Farmers' Market

Local Farmers / Food Producers / Shops – we are currently gathering material for a ‘Really Local Food Directory’

How can we help build stronger links between farmers and the local community? How can more people of all ages be encouraged to use local raw ingredients and learn some everyday cooking skills? Can local shops have a bigger role in improving access to local food? We have more funding available for 2007 and would like your ideas for more activities and for drafting a Food Action Plan for Stonegate, Flimwell and Ticehurst. 

Local apple juice, cheeses and bread will be provided!

For more information contact Anne-Marie Bur 01273 405445 /