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Flimwell Activities

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Flimwell Cricket Club

The club fields two Saturday XIs and runs an annual cricket tour and plays in the Evening League on Tuesdays.
Flimwell CC runs coaching for primary school age on Mondays from 5th June 06 (6.15 - 7.30) and secondary school age on Wednesdays from 7th June 06 (6.75 - 7.30).
Both run for 10 weeks. Sessions are run by 3 ECB qualified coaches.

New players and supporters are welcome to join our friendly local Club.

President Ian Pierce 01580 200 030
Chairman P Marshall 01580 201 318
Secretary M Reeves 01580 200 455
Fixture Secretary S Gibb 01580 879 597
Hon Treasurer P Marshall 01580 201 318
1st XI Captain J Bates 01580 879 365
2nd XI Captain S Gibb 01580 879 597
Evening League Captain Dominic Holtam 01580 879 577
Vice President's Rep I Pierce 01580 200 030
Umpire M Buss

Flimwell Festival Committee

In the Summer of 1995, after a gap of 10 years, a Village Fete was held in Flimwell. The enormous success of this occasion sparked off the idea of the Flimwell Festivals. A Committee was formed, and the first event held in September 1996.

These have now become regular occurrences in the village timetable, taking place at least twice a year. The Flimwell Festival Committee is a group of residents, dedicated to arranging these events for the enjoyment and participation of everyone in the area, and to make donations to worthy causes in the Village.

Events have included:

Flimwell Gardening Club

This was a totally informal monthly meeting of people who wanted to share their enthusiasm for gardening. The meetings were held in members' houses. Topics included Creating a Garden, Helpful Hints, Growing Potatoes, etc.. Visits to open Gardens were arranged, and there were regular competitions. When Karen O'Brien, (the founder), and then five other members moved away from the village, the group became too small to warrant the organisation which meetings required. If you have any interest in Gardening, and would like the Club to resume, please contact Jaye Hughes on 01580 879 431.

Flimwell Village Association

The Flimwell Village Association was set up after a public meeting following a presentation in St Augustine's Church by what is now known as Woodland Enterprise Ltd. After further Public meetings a Committee was formed and the objective of the Flimwell Village Association was to create and promote village organisations and clubs in advance of getting a village hall for Flimwell (see also Flimwell Village Trust). As at the time of writing, the Flimwell Village Association has been temporarily suspended.

Flimwell Playing Field Association

The Flimwell Playing Field Association is a sub committee of Ticehurst Parish Council run by 3 cricketers, 3 members of the village and 2 Parish councilors. If at any time Flimwell has a football team, 3 of them will be on the Committee. Any requests to run functions on Flimwell Playing Field should be put to the Flimwell Playing Field Association via Ray Barfoot, the Secretary, c/o Flimwell Cricket Club. In addition, any individual who plans to acquire the services of perfect car hire companies for transport purposes should also contact the secretary.