There are many good ways of saving both money and energy in our homes. That was the message at at Transition Wadhurst’s energy saving workshop on Thursday 20th May, attended by more than 30 people.

Renewable energy adviser Ian Smith and Chris Mason from Paynes Energy Solutions, Blackboys, engaged the audience with their lively presentations, handing round examples of the range of products available: from the latest high quality low-energy light bulbs to solar panelling. They also responded to participants’ wide range of questions around the kind of energy savings measures we can all take in our homes, new feed-in tariffs, generating our own renewable energy and grants available.

Ian Smith opened with a quick summary of the facts around energy usage, the need to reduce our carbon footprint and the huge percentage of energy we use just on heating our living space. Some of the more intriguing facts included that in the UK 10% of people are responsible for 50% of the flights and an idle Play station 3 is still using 150 watts  of electricity. He also pointed out the amount of energy used by unexpected appliances from doorbells to digital photo frames. The kind of actions which we can take include everything from simple behaviour and lifestyle changes (such as closing curtains and avoiding tumble dryers) to investment in energy saving devices. As well as trying to reduce our consumption, particularly for heating, there was a suggestion that Transition Wadhurst could provide a ‘lending library’ of energy saving devices for people to try out in the community (eg various types of bulbs and energy monitors). Chris Masonfrom Paynes described the range of solar and photo-voltaic panels available as well as turbines, biomass boilers and products to assist wall insulation. He also demonstrated some simple and novel products such as a shower head which mixes air with the water. Members of the audience shared their experience of fitting solar and photo-voltaic panels, cavity wall insulation and biomass boilers.

Transition Wadhurst are creating an information pack with details of subsidies and financial incentives available and links to useful websites - do contact us if you’d like a copy. We also hope that those who have already taken action with energy saving devices can share their experiences more widely - again let us know if you would like to help others with the benefit of your knowledge!

The workshop was made possible by generous funding from Wadhurst Parish Council and further events are planned for later in the summer. If you’d like information please contact or those without email may call 01892 782820