Wadhurst Twinning Association

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WADHURST is twinned with the village of AUBERS in Northern France, situated between Lille and Béthune.  This Twinning is based on the related history of the two Communities -  25 men of Wadhurst died as a result of the Battle of Aubers Ridge (la Bataille de la Côte d’Aubers) on Sunday 9th May 1915.  A devastating blow for a small Sussex  Community.  You can read the full story here.

The formal Charter was signed in Wadhurst in July 2000.  Ceremonies to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Twinning and the 95th Anniversary of the battle were held in Aubers on Saturday 8th May 2010.  You can read more about Aubers here.

The Twinning Association and the Jumelage d’Aubers have regular contacts and bi-ennial visits. Here, in Wadhurst, we hold social and fund-raising events which are advertised in Focus and the Courier so that non-members may take part. Links have also been established between the French and English schools, with the Wadhurst Chorale and with the Wadhurst Brass Band.

The Twinning Assocaiton is a convivial group of Francophiles of all ages who do not necessarily speak French but do enjoy all things French.

For general information about the Twinning, contact John McKenzie (01892 784 342) or Heather Woodward (01892 783 212).

Committee Members until May 2010
Chairman John McKenzie
Vice-Chairman Lyn Harris
Secretary and Publicity Heather Woodward
Schools Liaison Beth Martin
Music Howard Spurr
Wadhurst Business Partnership Tim Minns
Membership Secretary and Promotion Jenny Williams
Jardin d’Aubers Bryan Bell
Committee members: Len Bishop, Jenny Hollands,
John Northover, Alison Vesma.
Ex-officio: Parish Council Chairman Tom Doyle
Acting Treasurer Brian Wheeler
Individual:  £7 Family:       £12
Student:    £3 Affiliated:   £15
Cheques should be made out to the Wadhurst Twinning Association.

If you are interested in joining the  Wadhurst Twinning Association, contact
Mrs Jenny Williams, 9 Weald View, Wadhurst TN5 6EB  (01892 783427)