WHEN patriotic Nazis rise
To do their master's will,
I wonder if their fibre suits,
Their cotton pants and cardboard boots
And sundry other substitutes
       Keep out the winter's chill ?
I wonder if their daily task
       Of fighting Adolf’s cause
Is so much easier to do
On fish-head soup and cats'-meat stew,
With morning tea a sickly brew
       Of hand-picked hips-and-haws ?

I wonder if their substitute
       For steak and kidney pud’
Is relished like the real old stuff,
Or if they make ends " meat " by bluff,
And " kid " themselves that plumless duff
       Is really just as good ?
I wonder if those meaty yarns
       That Goebbels loves to tell,
All manufactured hot each day.
DO keep the hounds of truth at bay,
Or if his home-grown facts betray
       A somewhat " fishy " smell ?

But this I wonder most of all :
       When Nazi brains are spent
On counterfeits that don’t get by,
Will they their weary wits apply
To " substituting " by-and-by
       Their gangster government ?

(W. J. Christmas)


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