Wadhurst Market

The Wadhurst Farmers' and Craft Market is held on Saturday mornings [current dates are  xxx, yyy, zzz in the Commemoration Hall in Wadhurst High Street 09.00 to 12.30.  In 2012 the market will be held every month on the ??? Saturday.

Locally produced meat, fruit, honey, pies, vegetables, soup, eggs, bread, cakes and juices are available. There is also a wide selection of crafts - greeting and notecards, prints, animal portraits, jewellery, soaps, upholstery, anitique chairs, toys, scarves as well as local services including computer repair.

The trend towards buying locally is good for many reasons. It supports the local economy in which we live, enhancing our community in social and financial ways. Our carbon footprint is lowered by reducing the food miles. Looking after our community is something we contribute to in many ways and eating local eggs, cheese etc is one excellent way to contribute - as well as being tastier.

We need to build local resilience. This means protecting ourselves from world changes such as energy shortages. With a very large proportion of our food coming from abroad we are vulnerable. Encouraging local businesses by buying from them can reverse this situation. Oil will run out and we need to change production and purchasing patterns now to ensure consistency of availability of our food.

This area has many excellent producers of a wide variety of foods and drinks. The Wadhurst Market is dedicated to these producers and other local businesses that support our needs. It is generally accepted that markets also help local shops to thrive by keeping increasing choice so giving more reason to people to buy locally, encouraging other shoppers to the town and by keeping money local it keeps the local economy healthy.

 Markets are friendly places to shop.