East Sussex Disability Association

The Wadhurst Division covers the area of Wadhurst, Tidebrook, Stonegate, Ticehurst, Frant, Hurst Green and Etchingham. It exists to help and support disabled people. We have some 70 members registered with the Association, 30 of whom have asked us to take them out to tea at various venues on a monthly basis. We obviously need good-sized houses or venues to accommodate all of us, but we try to vary our venues for added interest. We always need plenty of car drivers for transport and this can sometimes restrict the numbers we can take out. Our drivers or committee will also visit or 'phone those members who do not wish to come out to tea.

If anyone would like to become involved in our organisation in any way or would like some help, please 'phone Jackie Scott (01892 782 683) or Liz Fairclough (01892 783 167), or get in touch with ESDA on 01323 514 500.