Welcome to International Health Partners UK - a charitable organisation dedicated to providing donated medical aid to communities in the developing world. We link the UK medical community, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies and Government, with organisations and individuals involved in providing humanitarian aid to the world's most needy.

We act as the UK distribution channel for donated, quality, in-date products. We provide a bridge between drug, vaccine and medical suppliers, and individuals and organisations working in the developing world. IHP is a not-for-profit organisation that operates with financial efficiency in order to support humanitarian aid in the developing world

Donations of Medical Supplies for Tsunami Disaster
IHP has been asked to coordinate the donations of medical supplies from the UK industry to meet the needs of the various WHO, UN and Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) relief programmes in the areas most affected in South East Asia.

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Private donations
By supporting the work of International Health Partners you can bring improved health to thousands of people in the developing world. Every pound donated to IHP will result in between £10 and £15 worth of essential medicines and medical supplies, donated by the pharmaceutical industry, reaching the world's most needy.