SSAFA was founded in 1885 to help the families of soldiers and sailors returning from one of the many conflicts in the world. Forces Help was founded some four years later to help the injured soldiers and sailors back into some sort of employment and accommodation when they left the services. In 1918 the Air Force was formed and shortly thereafter joined SSAFA and from this year are also able to help personnel from the Merchant Navy. SSAFA and Forces Help amalgamated in 1997 in order to give a better and more varied service to our clients. We can help with topping up residential home fees, financing aids for bathing and getting around your home, helping with adaptations, purchasing wheelchairs and scooters, helping with debt clearance, purchasing essential items such as cookers etc. We can also liaise with the Local Authority where the need arises and much more besides. If you or your spouse served in the forces and you feel we can help, contact 01892 783803.

The above information has been provided by SSAFA Forces Help in case some people may be missing out on the services they provide which is entirely confidential.