from The Courier 11 June 1915

LEAGUE OF HONOUR.-The members of the Wadhurst Branch are invited to meet in the Vicarage Garden on the evening of Thursday, June 24th, at 6.50 p.m., to set on foot a schema for making a supply of sand-bags for the protection of our men in the trenches.

THE LATEST NEWS OF THE WOUNDED AND MISSING.-We deeply regret to announce that Pte. A. E. Anscombe and Pte. G. A. Kenward, first reported missing, are now found to have been killed on May 9th. Pte. W. Hubble. Pte. J. Carter and Pte. W. O. Carley. who are in Hospitals in England, are getting on well. Pte. O. Tampsett and L.-Corpl. H. R. Turner have arrived at their homes in Wadhurst.

PRIVATE F. NEWINGTON. - News has been received from Private F. Newington, the popular hon. secretary of the Wadhurst Football Club, stating that he has quite recovered from his wounds and is now feeling all right. When he arrived in hospital at Rouen he found several more wounded belonging to his Company. The letter also gives news of the death of Private Vidler, which confirms the statements by "Eye-Witness" of the Germans using explosive bullets. Private Newington states that Vidler was only a yard from him when struck by a bullet which hit him in the right breast, and immediately burst into flames. It was while helping to put out the flames that Newington was struck by shrapnel. Crawling back to the trench, Private Newington saw Corpl. Goodsell badly wounded. He talked to him a few minutes and gave him a drink of water, his only regret being that he could not do more for him. Private Newington also mentions that when in hospital, 24 days after, a piece of shrapnel came out of his neck while washing, and he is keeping the piece as a souvenir.