Wadhurst Parish Council
Clerk - Malcolm Ramsden,
Chiltern, Stone Cross Road
Wadhurst TN5 6LR
tel: 01892 783 442
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Annual Parish meeting


The following items have so far been placed on the agenda

  1. To approve the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held 27 May 2009.
    Note: copies of these minutes will be available for inspection before the start of the meeting.
  2. Reports from Parish Council Chairman and community representatives
  3. Question and answer session.

    With the Police, Highways Dept, Recycling Dept, Parish, District and County Councillors, and Charles Hendry MP

    Do These Issues Concern YOU?

    New Car Park
      Loss of Cannon St Trains
    Zebra Crossing
       Housing Development

    If they do - come along and make your views heard

  4. AOB


Press and public are welcome to attend this meeting and an opportunity will be given to ask questions or make statements
A copy of the minutes of this meeting will be displayed on the notice board and on this website